Canceled games that would be cool to see

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Wow, just saw ONE HUGE LIST of suspended, cancelled, or buried Sega Dreamcast projects.
Not too sure if it's accepted practice to include outside links in posts, so just look up cancelled Dreamcast games at Wiki.

Among the cancelled:

Baldur's Gate
Commandos 2
Dark Angel Vampire Apocalypse
Dead or Alive 3
Heavy Metal Fakk 2
Jet Set radio Future
Max Payne...
And many others which later appeared on PS2/Xbox consoles

I should mention Enclave 2 as a PC/Xbox hopeful that got canned back when.
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Star Wars: 1313

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Quote:Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm may have been a rebirth for Star Wars movies, but not for the games. Star Wars: 1313 was a third-person shooter that would throw players into the shoes of a young Boba Fett as he begins his bounty hunting career. The game would be set in the seedy, crime-ridden depths of Coruscant's Level 1313. The gameplay trailer blew fans' minds upon release — it had the cinematic action of an Uncharted game painted in a dark and gritty take on Star Wars. Sadly, the game would never make it to release. Similar Star Wars games are in development, but 1313 seems to be long gone
That's so sad Sad
I've done questionable things.
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I know the footage is blurry, but I'd really love to have played Too Human for the PS1:

Please check out
my YouTube channel
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