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Sega Rally Championship 1995 for the PS2
I have just spent the whole day today trying to find this online. Almost to the point of obsession.

I already have Sega Rally 2006 as an ISO but I needed this to complete the package. They were released as a two pack early in the games initial run and they are rare now. Exclusively released in Japan. I found three eBay UK auctions and they were selling them for about £40 which I would rather not spend just for the Sega Rally 1995.

Anyway, I found it after countless hours of searching. I ended up having to sell my manly bubble butt to a big strong Russian called Zangief and after a gruelling couple of hours of him having his way with me, I got the goods. Man, I got this in ISO format. I never thought it would happen :-) :-)

So when is the dang Download section going to be up, because I want to share this baby with the world so no one else ends up having to go through what I did today.

PM for a DropBox link in the meantime. I've GZIPPED it so it's ready to go in PCSX2.
You could have had it much easier if you had just asked, I have that ISO sitting on my HDD.

But nice to hear that you found it anyway.

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