Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Review
Started by JD0200

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11-26-2018, 11:54 PM -
Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone out in RetroZone land! After a short hiatus, I have returned to the review world! In this review, I'm going to be continuing the Splinter Cell series of reviews with the third installment in the series and quite possibly, one of the BEST games in the series, Chaos Theory! With that being said, sharpen up your knives and load up your SC-20Ks, because we're jumping right back into the world... of Sam Fisher.

The year is 2007. It has been over a year since the capture of Suhadi Sadono and the halting of the ND133 virus. Tensions are running high over in Asia once again. With the formation of the Japanese Information Self-Defense Force (I-SDF), the Chinese and North Koreans consider this a violation of Article 9 of the Post-War Constitution and establish a blockade in the Yellow Sea, going against Japanese shipping. Since Japan is an ally of the United States, they call upon the NSA's "Third Echelon" branch, and the U.S. Navy, who deploys the USS Clarence E. Walsh to the Yellow Sea, along with Agent Sam Fisher, hoping that China and North Korea back down... but everyone gets more than they bargained for...

Chaos Theory is the third installment in the Splinter Cell series, and took the game in a whole new direction. (which was a wise choice by Ubisoft Wink) They introduced the option to kill enemies after interrogation, more blood, more swearing, and of course... BETTER GRAPHICS. (Not to say that the other SCs weren't graphically impressive; They were Smile) The game itself runs on Unreal Engine 2.5, which meant better visuals, and they could implement ragdolling corpses! But, there's more to it than that! There's now a sound meter, allowing you to actually know if you were audible to the enemies or not, (Which we could've used in the other games, but whatever) Sam's pistol now carries an Optically Charged Potentiator or OCP, which can disable electronics silently, allowing for a conservation of ammo, and Sam now also carries a knife, giving him more opportunities to sabotage equipment, break locks, and of course, kill people outright. Because of this change, the rating had to be bumped up from a "T" rating, to an "M" rating, a change that is kept to this day.

But, it's not always about the weapons! Sam's goggles now carry a new vision mode: EMF Vision. This vision mode can detect anything electronic that can be disabled with the OCP. Sam's binoculars have also been replaced with the EEV; With this mode, you can hack objects from a distance... but it's a lot more trickier! It also comes built-in with a Laser Microphone, so no more using a whole gadget dedicated to it! Another cool feature in Chaos Theory is the ability to hack into certain objects, such as computers, keypads, and retinal scanners! (So no more of the "unhackable" bs; You can do it in this game Big Grin) In the previous game, Pandora Tomorrow, the voices of Lambert and Anna Grimsdottir were replaced, most notibly, Don Jordan's voice was replaced by Dennis Haysbert. (Yes, THAT Dennis Haysbert. The one in the Allstate commericals xD) However, in Chaos Theory, the iconic voice of Don Jordan returns, along with Claudia Besso voicing Grim. Sam's voice actor, Michael Ironside, still remained. 

I could go on and on about what's new in this game, but I'd rather let you all experience it for yourself! Read on for my Final Verdict on Chaos Theory!


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will hold a place in the hearts of many fans for taking the game in a whole different direction; It will hold a special place in mine for the level design! I'm giving this game a rating of 9.9/10! If you can find this game ANYWHERE, get it. You will not be disappointed! Unfortunately, I cannot provide a download link at this time to emulate Chaos Theory, so you will have to find it for yourself. (Sorry Sad)

This brings an end to another review! I'd like to take the time to thank each and every one of you who read my reviews when they are posted; You bring happiness into my life when you do! I'd also like to take the time to let you know about Alma's Gaming Website! Some of you may know her, some of you may not, but if you want to read some reviews on games such as Castlevania, MDK, and Total Distortion, among others, then feel free to stop by her website! I'll leave a link to her website down below! (You're welcome, Alma Wink)

With that being said, I'll see you all next time for "Pandora Tomorrow"! Until then, stay safe, and enjoy your week! Smile


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11-27-2018, 02:04 AM -
What an awesome review JD.. Incredible game, good graphics for a 2005´s game , Action, good cinematics, cool, slick, smooth and probably the best game in the series. I can't really find any flaw on this masterpiece of a stealth game, and the soundtrack....oh that soundtrack... Definitely this is a must have for any stealth enthusiast.
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11-27-2018, 02:41 AM -
Great review JD0200, keep it up.  Smile
What an awesome game it was, i really enjoyed playing it.
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11-27-2018, 03:00 AM -
Amazing Review dude! keep it up! Big Grin
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11-27-2018, 05:22 PM -
Ty for the plug and a very lovely review Smile


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11-27-2018, 07:58 PM -
GREAT REVIEW!  Star Star Star Star Star

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