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Your favorite DOS games?
Eye of the beholder 1-2
Mad Paradox
Day of the tentacle
Rise of the Triads
Warcraft 1-2
One must fall 2097
Any of the TSR/SSI Gold Box games
Wing Commander Series
Warcraft 2
Any of the EGA Sierra AGI series games (KQ,HQ, SQ, LSL, PQ, etc) that were not the point and click. I liked typing...
The Terminator 1990 for DOS

"I'll Be Back" Lol
Not the only one I like but, for now, I'll stick with it.
I've done questionable things.
Doom - Infinitely replayable, infinite user made levels
Daggerfall - Heberlein made the fantastic atmospheric music for this one; inexhaustably huge world. Fantasy RPG simulator thing rather than a more more linear, close-nit game like Morrowind.
Skyroads (yupp, you heard right)
System shock
Warcraft II
Forgot to mention on my previous posts, Commander Keen series was SUPER awesome to me as a kid. I played the games over and over, filled spiral notebooks with (mostly yorp-centric) fanfiction but sadly i lost them :c was a long time ago and even tried to write letters to the creators but never happened lol
Also I wish to add “Cyber Dogs” and “Tunnels of Armageddon” too, one of the best DOS games of my childhood.
I've done questionable things.
Smile F117 V2.0 Stealth Fighter.
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