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Anyone expert with pc on how fix appcrash problems
(12-09-2018, 04:10 PM)Dartz Wrote:
(12-09-2018, 02:35 PM)ZX81v2 Wrote: Could be simply, "Windows has eaten itself"
OS's do fall over

probably i will have to spend siome more money for send to reparment even this one , one day , i'm a total noob , don't  understand anything of these errors messages... thank you very much for replys here and on discord , sorry for disturb everywhere with my problems...

new bsod new error today this time bad pool caller , never heard about it...

Dump File         : Mini121118-01.dmp
Crash Time        : 11/12/2018 12.22.54
Bug Check String  : BAD_POOL_CALLER
Bug Check Code    : 0x000000c2
Parameter 1       : 0x00000007
Parameter 2       : 0x0000110b
Parameter 3       : 0x08280005
Parameter 4       : 0x86758060
Caused By Driver  : fltmgr.sys
Caused By Address : fltmgr.sys+2622
File Description  : Gestione filtri file system Microsoft
Product Name      : Sistema operativo Microsoft® Windows®
Company           : Microsoft Corporation
File Version      : 6.0.6000.16386 (vista_rtm.061101-2205)
Processor         : 32-bit
Crash Address     : ntkrnlpa.exe+cdabf
Stack Address 1   : ntkrnlpa.exe+ed184
Stack Address 2   : fltmgr.sys+14ce
Stack Address 3   : fltmgr.sys+5b67
Computer Name     :
Full Path         : C:\windows\Minidump\Mini121118-01.dmp
Processors Count  : 1
Major Version     : 15
Minor Version     : 6002
Dump File Size    : 138.680
Dump File Time    : 11/12/2018 12.24.22
Perhaps your HDD is faulty; press simultaniously the windows and the "R" keys and in the dialogue that will appear input cmd and press enter, it will open a text window, enter the following command "chkdsk C: /r" and let it run, it will scan your HDD searching for errors.
will that command delete something ? wanted be sure before try it , thanks
Run Prompt/Dos Prompt/CMD :


This command will scan the HDD C: and /Fix any issues it finds
nothing gets deleted. Don't panic

Win Key + R = Run Prompt Smile
(12-12-2018, 11:05 AM)ZX81v2 Wrote: Dos Prompt/CMD :   CHKDSK C: /F

This command will scan the HDD C: and /Fix any issues it finds
nothing gets deleted. Don't panc

shiva said chkdsk c:/ r not f so are maybe differents comands ,  i'm noob so not sure
the /F switch means FIX issues it finds
the /r is to check for BAD Sectors on the HDD. It takes an age to complete and may not find any bad sectors after it all.....
The /F is the one to do first

Here is the list of commands CHKDSK can do

[Image: 6cb441f3e6.png]
it says is in use so impossible to do it ( sorry for bad english )
Press windows+r but instead of "cmd" input "msconfig", select "opzione di avvio" (I'm assuming your windows is in Italian), mark "modalita provvisoria", save and reboot.
Instead of the standard boot a menu called "advanced boot options" will appear, select "safe mode" (if it's in Italian search for something with this meaning), let the OS load and then a prompt will appear telling you if you prefer to repair the system or continue in safe mode, continue in safe mode and then do what we told you, if chkdsk C: /F (by the way, it's "chkdsk C: /F", not "chkdsk C:/ F") find errors I recommend to do a chkdsk C: /R to discard (or confirm) physical damage on the disk.

If it says that it's in use (it shouldn't) try chkdsk C: /X instead of chkdsk C: /F
i will try , thanks again
(12-04-2018, 06:06 PM)Dartz Wrote: deleting a game folder needed for updates solved the crash of the game ( yeah ygopro is a fan game but only after that bsod was crashing , every setting was already default ) ,  but i'm still getting some bsod , event viewer from windows not help on find what exactly is causing the bsod , actually i have many red triangles .... my microsoft net framework is the 4.6 , where can i find BlueScreenView  , is an extrernal program ? thank you all very much for helping me in this

here a screenshiot of my eventviewer ( again sorry thats are in italian )

Dartz, my buddy, you need to click on option "Dettagli" than capture one screenshoot using special key PrntSc on your keyboard and just make some copy of screenshot for us.

When you did it We will easy to recognizing which problem you have.

That problem could be coused becouse you trying to run game on new system but this game just required earlier ver. Smile)

That's it!  I keep my fingers up Wink

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