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Is the PS Store 1.28 update safe to install on 4.82 Rebug cfw?
I turned my PS3 on to download one of Decembers free PS Plus games, and was presented with a message saying that I needed to update the (store) application to 1.28 to be able to access it.
I'm running Rebug 4.82 cfw, spoofed to 4.83 via SEN Enabler, and have had no problems connecting to the store previously.

Is it safe to approve this update and not risk losing cfw? Will it even update correctly on a spoofed cfw console?
Granted, I have "other methods" of installing most PSN software, so it's no great loss if I can't, but I try to keep things as legit as possible wherever possible.

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Not sure. never owned a CFW PS3. my advice is no.
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I took some advice from another forum; backed up nand, etc, before trying, and installed the store update... turns out it's treated like a game update, so is perfectly fine.

...better safe than sorry though!

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