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late late late !!
hey guys i just want to ask if you know how to fix my pc..the problem is my cmos date/time settings is always late even though i already set it to right time and date it's kinda weird but i already tried replacing it with a newer  cmos battery but still im getting the same problem..

hope that someone here knows how to fix this.??
CMOS = BATTERY on Motherboard
It's usually a small flat circular battery, like you find in cameras etc..

CMOS Batteries are Volatile. Which basically means, you can flatten them by handling them incorrectly.
Infact just holding them in your fingers is enough

Only way to check voltage is with a multi-meter.
Reasons for this off the top of my head would be

Incorrect timezone on PC - that will make you a hour -/+ even if you reset
Incorrect timezone on router - if using network time it will also make your PC revert to bad date/time.
And I guess some types of malware used to do this also.
Come play with daddy.

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