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(12-12-2018, 10:10 PM)Parka1300 Wrote:
(12-12-2018, 06:02 PM)qedeshim Wrote: Hi welcome back! Don't forget to read the rules.

He is an old head. I'm sure he knows the rules.  Rolleyes

I know I was just joking around Smashey's always been good member and I'm glad to see him here!
hey man welcome, you have uploaded some amazing stuff smashey thanks!
Welcome Home SMASHEY! Cheers
Damn. nice to see ya man! been a long while. welcome back Big Grin
Welcome back  Big Grin
Project's I'm working on 
1) the trigger: a game with a wolfenstein 3d style demo coming soon
2) evil days: a 2d platformer (old project)

Hey Smashey - Wow glad to see you are back
Wow, I hope its not too late to say, Welcome back SMashey
Smashey... welcome back man... shit I downloaded so much of your uploads. I was wondering if you were still alive! I'm glad you are man

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