What are you listening 2?

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Apparently this thread was terminated for some reason, "The specified thread does not exist." I do recall who posted it the first time and i might have a sense why it was shutted (i don't want to get into details) but, if i may, i'll give it a try for a second shot, i mean, it was a really good topic, hope there's no problem for me doing this.


So, What are you listening right now? 

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Yes, it was a great thread, i enjoyed listening to music you guys posted and even discovered some new bands/artists along the way.
Nice that you made another thread like that Nux Big Grin , i haven't noticed it's missing.

I'm now in the mood for something like this:

How to Destroy Angels - How Long (Trent Reznor's side project with his wife and Atticus Ross)

[Image: Py86-XZ2-WM4-Ter-YNpj-CDz5-K-1200-80.jpg]
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skip to 1:10 YOU WONT BELIEVE IT lol

I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......

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80s Music Rocks! Big Grin
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At the moment I'm alternating between a few albums...
Current most recent play goes to the Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST (although I've been listening to most of the other Persona soundtracks too)...

I'm also still regularly (almost daily) listening to Gunship's most recent album, Dark All Day - definitely recommended to fans of 80's music and the current 'synthwave' genre... here's the awesome video for the title track...
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Orbital - Monsters Exist (Deluxe Edition)
Awesome Album

Pop Will Eat Itself - 2018 - Def Comms 86-18
The Ultimate PWEI compilation, 1986-2018

If you don't know who either of these bands are, Tube em !
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Pink Floyd The Wall
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