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Games to play before you die
Elite on the ZX Spectrum, or Oolite on the PC Smile
Oh, i missunderstand, i tough i need to write game i wuld like to play !  Confused

Ok then,atempt 2...

Suikoden 2 for PS1 

-Fantastic story, 
-great characters personalities ,
-great customization of characters, and Great system for costumization of new recruits,you dont have to wait a long time to teach them new skils, just transfer skills/magic/abilities(runes) to them and done. Also,when they join at low level, just add them to attack teem and go to latest dungeon you completed ,he will level up to be  equal to other team members in few battles ,
-lots of things to explore , 
-Lots of sidequests to recruit all 108 possible characters that can join you , 
-super fast loading of all  battles (big flaw of other RPG games), 
-fast battle option (when setup right , win easy with auto battle in few secunds) , 
-after few battles in new dungons you level up above enemy level, so you dont have to battle every weakling that aproach, simply choose "let then flee" (and since fast battles loading, you can return to exploring dungeons few secunds after random encounter, not like in FF8 or FF9 for example, where battle first load 15 secunds, then you have to TRY to flee , then at least 15 more secunds of field loading...),
-3 modes of battles, normal RPG, personal duels and great army  battles,
-recruiting certain characters Upgrade your castle  ,with lots of new options in it(shops ,stores,tradecentar,mini-games,new activities,money-making,upgrades,discounts, fun scenes etc),
-Lots of humor scenes ,but lots of truly  sad scenes to(game story is centered abaut very blody war afterall), 
-6 characters in attack team ,
-characters with Unique and cooperate attacks ,special skills, special magics,etc,
-You can transfer save file from first game, which unlock  another sidequest, hero of first game, new convesationswith characters that apear in both games etc,
-You can transfer save from this game to suikoden 3 and suikogaiden vol.1,
-Alternate and early endings, bad endings, options of bad choices and bad behavior of main character,insulting and mistreating allies and friends,geting them in to trouble,you can have cowards decisions (which will cause death of one of your generals , but if you make amends, his son will replace him),be a jerk when rucruiting, which can cause potentional friend to run away , literaly in tears lol,
-You dont have to earn money for your large army just by farming in dungeons,by trading you can earn all you need, and preaty easy to,especialy when you get your teleportress which will teleprt you to distant cities in a flash , alowing to to buy cheap in one city and sell high in city on other side of map ,alrough she may acidentaly teleport you on some weird locations(one time even on super secret store room full of rare  goodies  than you will otherwise never gat acces to), she is a little fuzzy lol,
-meet Luca Blight, and see why he is one of most deadly,coldblooded, ruthless ,cruel  ,sadistic and most truly evil vilians in games  (scored second place by users votes in most baddas villians on TIZ  thread we had  few yers ago),but despite all that, he dint have any  superpowers, he is just mortal human,
-laugh you ass off by seeing all conversations by taking potentional "vigins" to Holy  Unicorn , for him to smell them and see if they are really virgins lol,
-customize your armies as you see fit ,
-there are branches when recruiciting ,only one charecter can be hired  of ofered ones, game will still count like you have 108 regardles of choices, but characters conversations with your  generals and other characters will be entery diferent.
-altough main vilian of game is killed at half of game, game dint become,not even close, to boring. Instead, main adversarie becomes you best friend ,
-And many, many more great things in this game...

Truly a master piece, that every RPG gamer needs to play ! Heart
Gotta be steel battalion on the ogxbox.
Where do you start, it's got a ludicrous controller, 3 foot pedals, twin stick and close to 50 buttons, superb gameplay, hard as nails but well worth putting the time and effort into it, i was lucky enough to pick it up on it's first run so i got one of the green button versions.
It takes 20 mins to set up but a more immersive game i've yet to play, best mech game by a country mile.
If you're a NES fan and a sports fan to boot don't pass up Tecmo Superbowl for NES. I still play it and I'll be 43 this April. I can't quit playing it.
Uridium on the c64, because its a perfect mix of gameplay, originality, music, sfx and gamble Smile
PERFECT to play also today, better of many new titles

this short tube video shows the first level in a 3d variation, amazing imo
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
Space Invaders Big Grin
I've done questionable things.
(02-24-2019, 12:13 AM)Kremiso Wrote: Uridium on the c64, because its a perfect mix of gameplay, originality, music, sfx and gamble Smile
PERFECT to play also today, better of many new titles

That game was the balls man! Now that u mention it, reminds me of this game called "Iridium", a Kickstarter indie project I read somewhere. Like a "frantic" shoot 'em up with huge levels and stuff with mass enemy ships and that Fusion (a gaming magazine) was lucky enough to play an early alpha of the game and they said it's gonna be huge, like a big deal
[Image: 234d33086ccef4c6d1412c5a405532d8-original.png]
IKR? Wtf lol...
^^ yes, its a tribute to the original, and seems good Smile
there is a pc demo too on the official game site, but sadly i cannot try it, Direct X 11 hardware required Sad
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]

Play all the games I own! That's maybe too much to ask, but if I can play at least 90% of them, I would be happy.
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