Games to play before you die

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Big Grin 
Not sure if this has been done before, however I'm gonna give it a try anyway.
The rules of this thread is simple, a user will post a game and give their reasons why a person should play this in their lifetime.

(name)shooting game:
(reason)The reason you should play this game before you die is because e.g. it has really good gameplay, charismatic story, amazing story, good graphics, great characters .etc

The games can be from simple flash games to triple AAA titles.

Lets see what Retrozone's favourite games are.
P.S. multiple posts are allowed Big Grin

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Game name:lost in Blue
Reason: memories when I would come back from school I would turn on my ds and play it for hour's
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The Metroid Prime Series
Reason: I don't have any means to play it and I highly doubt that I ever will....
Even emulation's no good cuz it runs like crap on my old PC
really wish i had a pc port.....
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Jet Set Willy
Manic Miner


Reasoning... This is where all the Platform "Collecting" games spewed from Smile
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If you are into Metroidvania games:

Metroid 3
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Axiom Verge
Mummy Demastered
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Turrican 1/2 Amiga
because in around 2 hours of longplay each,
there is ALL inside, graph, music, gameplay, fun, secrets...
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Game: Mafia [PC, PS2, XBox]

Reason: It has an incredibly well told Story, an amazing 1930´s Setting, a great mix of varied missions, at least in the german version amazing voice acting (never played any other language with this one) and for the time amazing graphics with fairly detailed character models, a very detailed city, a surrounding landscape and really great looking sections inside of buildings, especialy the finale inside a museum holds up really well.

Game: Operation Winback [N64, PS2]

Reason: It is the first Cover based 3rd Person Shooter ever. This gameplay Idea was later improved in Kill Switch during the PS2 era and then perfected and made popular with Gears of War, but Winback started it all. The Original N64 Version was often compared to Metal Gear Solid wich is, IMO, wrong to do because Winback is much more Action oriented.

Game: Grand Prix Legends [PC]

Reason: To this day it one of, if not the most brutal Racing Simulation ever created. You are faced with the last era of F1 cars that didn´t have any Aero-Parts what so ever, no spoilers, just four wheels, a powerful engine in the back and a cigar shaped chassis to hold it all together. The learning curve is steep, the tracks are brutal and unforgiving and without mods you don´t get any HUD what so ever in Cockpit view, you have to drive by the cockpit gauges. It is unforgiving, but it is a great feeling when you finish your first Lap on the Nordschleife without blowing up the engine or crashing the car. And speaking of the Nordschleife: GPL was the first game ever to even feature that track.

Game: Alien Ressurection [PS1]

Reason: It is the first game to default to the now common dual Analog Stick controller setup used in modern games. Yes, other games like Medal of Honor did feature setups just like it, but AR was the first to default to it. In addition it is a very atmospheric game, at points it almost feels like a demake of Alien Isolation. It is one of the best looking games on the PS1 and it holds up really well. You can jump into it without having to adjust to older Styles of gameplay, you just have to keep in mind that this was before regenerating health became a thing. Only real downside is that for whatever reason dialouge isn´t voiced what so ever.
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Huge fan of Final Fantasy games , so i guess i wuld like to at least try FF13 and FF 14 some day. Cant now couse PS2 is most "modern" system i have lol.

Everithing else i wish to try i can emulate .
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People tend to either love it or hate it, but Final Fantasy 7 would be there for me. One of the few games that ever got me emotional.
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Mass Effect Trilogy - amazing sci-fi TPS/RPG games with great story and characters, one of the best game series i ever played.

Since i'm a big horror fan, i would also highly recommend playing the first three Silent Hill games, they have really  spooky and unique atmosphere.
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