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Infamous hard missions / games you thought where easy
I'm currently playing through the first Mafia game again and I just finished it's infamous mission "Fairplay". Part of this mission is to win a 5 Lap race. The thing is: Mafia is set in the 1930's, Racecars back then had barely working brakes at best and the game has a handling model that leans a fair bit into the Simulation side of things. This mission is very early in the game, you can typicly reach it within 90-120 Minutes into the game and to that point you where only driving in fairly slow cars. The first part of the mission is to drive a Racecar through the city and back to the Racetrack to manipulate it, the second half is the Race itself. The first half gives you plenty of time, so you don have to push it and the car you are driving handles really well.

The Car you have to race with on the other hand doesn't handle that good, the Track is decently long with Laptimes of just above 90 Seconds if you are good and the Layoutt, while IMO a really good design with a good flow to it, but it has a few corners that seem like you could take it fairly fast, but are much tighter than they first look. Back in the day I was able to finish this Race in 1st place on my 2nd try, the 1st one was really just learning the Track.

I was really surprised to later learn that many people really had so much trouble with this Race that they Patched in a Difficulty selection just for this one Mission. It allows you to set the AI Difficulty and to disable vehicle damage. If you still have trouble with it you can even Skip the Race entirely.

What are Missions or even entire Games that are Infamous for being hard that you never had a Problem with and finished without much of a Problem?
I had to think for a second about that one...

I always thought the very first mission (or Introductory portion) of Driver for PS1 was fairly easy. You know, the part where you have to do all those maneuvers around the parking garage in a certain amount of time, with each one being checked off as you do them. Everyone I always talked to said they hated that part and couldn't do it. I just think they were to lazy to learn how the mechanics worked. It was suuuppperr easy to pull them off. Chumps...
For me it was undercover from PAYDAY: The Heist, I've only ever beat it ONCE on hard mode and I'm still trying to beat it on overkill
Seen this vid like 40 times Lol

But the hardest level i've played is No fighting in the war room in call of duty 4
I've done questionable things.
(12-29-2018, 12:57 AM)Nux Wrote: But the hardest level i've played is No fighting in the war room in call of duty 4

I remember this mission! Gave me a hard time too! Big Grin

Couldn't think of a specific Mission/Level but this game as a whole is quite tough!!! Big Grin

Just started playing again and it really kicks ass! Lol
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probably this will be off topic...
ok, im lefthanded, and when i play new golf games, those with analog control to be clear, i need to set from Hard to Very Hard the difficulty level, to have a little competition, with the default settings its only a walk on greens lol
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I played the original Mafia (before the Patch) and beat the Race at the second try, but that's no big deal for me.. I play Race Sims and always put ALL the helps OFF, and use manual tranmission.. that's just the way I like to play it.. I do use a Wheel/Pedals combo which makes it a bit easier.

And I also like to play FPS in the most difficult setting and although challenging, I ususally manage to do it.

..on the other hand, I'm not so good with 3rd person games.. in Metal Gear Solid 2 (on the PC using a Gamepad), I started on the most difficult setting and was actually handling it quite well (a few retries here and there) until I got to the multiple MetalGear Rays battle.. had to actually download a Save game file with an easier difficulty to beat it.. and then downloaded again another Save with the higher difficulty for the rest of the Game
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Using defensive moves in Tekken games (whith character who can do it , like King and Nina), to grab arms and legs of oponents in moments they are just abaut to strike you, and braking their chains was alwais been my speciality, but everybody i play agains cant seem to do it right and  have a lot of fails trying lol.
Surely anyone who played Vice City far enough remembers this "Demolition Man" Mission
If you don't get the hang of this quick.... you'll be like  Cussingblack hehe!
Ranks high on my Frustration Index Meter! Lol
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My Submissions Here!
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Samurai Warriors 4-II
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Castlevania - Curse of Darkness
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Medal of Honer series, given only a limited time, to go through the meat grinder, to rescue a soldier, it was tough, I hated it, I cannot out run a MG42 EVER !!!!!!!
Killzone: mercenary last boss is mine.
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