leaving due to a user.... (you know who i'm talking about)


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also was going have good  or bad news on the 10th but too bad not going post it now... i said i would not have a grudge but trust me things are getting worse for me in RL if things don't go my way the 10th also to that user i was  never get mad at you but i am now also  i'm just going post this image... that user.

[Image: 7JTVgbS.gif]

one other thing i left both discord's and i did not know what was PM'ED to me by the admin i just erased it. i bet it was about that....
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That would have been me:)

Just asking what happened, I saw the post's  :C

No Worries

Thanks for stepping up to help out.
Very much appreciated.

Hope everything works out for you in RL.
Take care


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