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The troll(s) that so graciously PMs me and my staff.
I appreciated the N-bomb filled rant you posted in my inbox and the re-peat personal attacks on my staff, I'll add all these rage filled personal attacks to their own area someday just so we all are able to see them for generations to come. That will help make whats about to happen to you 2 or 3 hurt that much more pretty sure it's just 2 tho Smile .

However much you think you know.. please keep in mind I've been at this a very, very long time and I have earned this community's respect and users trust.
The random spammy posts of broken chat logs this week was just plain cowardly.... and we have been under constant attack like this since this project went live.
Recently 2 staff members were removed for reasons we will probably not get into later.
Long story short there's been harassment of my staff since day one, random DMs, rumors, spamming of partner discord rooms with fake scripts and etc.
People faking users of the pasts names to try and phish for information on our dealings.

I take protecting my staff very seriously, more so than you do your own privacy apparently.
Hello, my name is Chris, and Chris knows all your names and where you live with 90% accuracy.
I know all kinds of stuff because instead of wasting my time running my mouth on Discord and destroying The Download Rooms to create a hype and spamming all the other Discord and lying to people and making promises about partnerships to steal peoples file lists...
I was busy investigating and taking notes and a TON of screens to back the claims I'm going to make if this continues, trust me idle threats are not my thing and you both know it.

To the user-base:
You may see angry posts being directed at a staff member.
This members right to privacy has been violated and that member is being targeted publicly for their personal lifestyle choices.
This violates one of our most basic rules as a community.
The shit don't fly here.

This project will not be derailed, the attacks serve as motivation, you need elevation to even face us on this level.

I've already wasted enough time I'll leave you with this song, you should pay close attention to the lyrics.

Show ContentIf you can read.:

Anyone sees anything strange or users PM you randomly spamming lets us know.

Index update will be coming soon get your clean underwear ready!
Come play with daddy.
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“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker." 

 - Friedrich Nietzsche 

And we are not dead yet !  0020
Man.... that is one effed-up human....
Here... have some-a' this.... Icon_thumbdown
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Lol Lol Lol
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Some people are so,

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Save The Best For Last!
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Omg thats too bad to hear, just ignore them, trolls are no goods, they are like plague
[Image: Capture.JPG]
Let's pay attention to Uncle Sam Lol^^

Keep up the good work Smile
still too young to know it all.
What's a person to do when they find a person running around the web telling everyone they have "3k for offshore hosting" and also " Sold roms for $800" but is on GoFundMe asking for money and saying you live with your dad?
Certainly both can't be true?
I'm not Asian but I'm pretty sure that math is off a few bucks.

This reminds me why I hate the internet.
You can't trust random people it's never as it seems.

Also there are 2 files in circulation being claimed as "hacked" or something.
1. Fire Drop links I made public in a post 2 months ago when I asked they be recovered I posted them for the users.
2. A copy/paste job of all the links from TheIndex 1.0 they're on 2.0+ now so that is also outdated information, this leads me to previous staff member.

Everyone already had all this information because we at RetroZone want this all free and open to everyone and don't plan to ever change that, go read all my old posts Smile.

There are new pinns in the RZ General Discord that contains all the information needed for users to make up their own minds, this is beneath us and frankly I want to go take a shower and wash this stink off me.
Come play with daddy.
i don't understand why make war each other istead of collaborate together for a better place for everyone... ( sorry for bad english )
Ask them they left on good terms then we see all this stuff being posted by users asking about in our discord.
The proofs there, why hide stuff and attack people behind fake accounts?
Come play with daddy.

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