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Rejected... Oh well I Tried! LOL!
Well just recently I tried Contributing to GameFaqs by Uploading Saves for games.....
I try to make my saves out of clean playthroughs and I refuse to use cheats whatsoever even on emulators....
for some reason most of my saves end up being rejected and for some strange reason....

Contribution Detail
Contribution Type
Status Detail
Rejected for posting on GameFAQs
Submission ID
Contrib Desc
Ys I - Before Final Dungeon All Sidequest and ()
Submit Time (GMT)
2019-01-07 22:07:43
User Notes
Saved just before Darm Tower with All Items and Equipment up to this point.... Note the once you enter the Tower(point of no return) you won't be able to get bat and roam around.
Game ID
Ys I & II Chronicles (PSP)

Happened to 4 of my Saves....
"Rejected for posting on GameFAQs"

Isn't That the Point?!?

I don't get it as I make sure to look at other saves to avoid having the same as others....
I know Mods are handling that but they should at least clarify why instead of just that....

Oh well just wanted to clear that out.... Big Grin
a bit of a downer though....
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