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Tänzer - A New Sega Genesis / MegaDrive game coming in 2019!
Hi Everyone,

This Thursday, January 10, at 9PM GMT / 4PM EST I'll be livestreaming an early demo build of Tänzer, a new Mega Drive / Sega Genesis game launching this year. 

I'll also be interviewing its lead developer, so be sure to come watch and ask any questions you have regarding the game or Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game development! Big Grin

Please check out my YouTube channel  Smile
[Image: St1ka%2527s%2BRetro%2BCorner.gif]
Sounds awesome looking forward to watch that out, great fan of your channel, subscribing right now thanks 4 keeping us posted Icon_thumbup
still too young to know it all.
I'm livestreaming Tanzer with the lead dev right now! Come say hi! Big Grin
Please check out my YouTube channel  Smile
[Image: St1ka%2527s%2BRetro%2BCorner.gif]
I'm really amazed by the Genesis and How it's kept alive by fans by making games for it!
I missed the livestream though... Sad
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