Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Review

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A hello to everyone out in RetroZone and a happy new year! This is indeed the first review of 2019 and what a way to start it off! Today's game that's being reviewed is one that will take you up to outer space and to several places in the galaxy! And the traveling is all spearheaded by a little Interprid-class cruiser known as... Voyager. Figured it out yet? It's "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force"! It's a bit out of my genre, but nevertheless, I'll be reviewing it, so get ready to set your phasers to stun!

On Stardate 53854.7, the USS Voyager, an interprid-class cruiser, commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway, was torn away out of regular Federation space and transported 70,000 light-years across the galaxy; From there, Voyager would begin her trip back home, but not without encountering a few choice alien races; The Borg, the Klingons and the Malons, among others. To combat these aliens, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok, Voyager's chief of security, formed an elite squadron of personnel known as the "Hazard Team". This team takes on the missions that a regular Away Team cannot handle by themselves. After a failed holodeck simulation by the Hazard Team, Voyager is attacked by an unknown spacecraft and transported away to a starship graveyard, crippled and vulnerable; Now, the Hazard Team must help find a way to escape this graveyard before they become a permanent part of it...

"Star Trek"; It's a name of a TV series that lives in the heart of many sci-fi enthusiasts as the best sci-fi series to ever be shown; To others, they would only know Captain Kirk from the original series; Well, I'm here to tell you that this game, Elite Force, can appeal to anyone, fan or non-fan! The game itself runs on the idTech 3 engine, the same one that powers Quake III. (which should mean that this game is already pretty good Big Grin) The story begins on a Borg Cube with your character, Ensign Alex Munro, separated from your fellow squadmates and looking for the Infinity Modulator, or I-Mod for combating the Borg. I'm not gonna go into too much detail about it, because I feel like it would be better experienced than said, but I can say this, however; You can switch between either being a male Alexander Munro, or Alexandra. (There's really no plot differences; Sorry!)

 The actors from the show reprise their roles in this game: Kate Mulgrew is Janeway, Tim Russ is Tuvok, Robert Beltran is Chakotay, Ethan Phillips is Neelix, Jeri Ryan is Seven of Nine (A fact about her; She wasn't originally in the game, it was Joan Buddenhagen, but with a later patch and the expansion pack, Jeri Ryan reprised her role!) and so on and so forth. Along with the regular cast, there are some game-exclusive characters such as Rino Romano voicing Ensign Alexander Munro, Leigh Allyn-Baker as Juliet Jurot, Michael McFall as Lieutenant Les Foster, and Iris Bar-Zhiv as Crewman Telsia Murphy, among others. Jurot and Crewman Chell were the only two characters to show up in the TV show as well; Chell showed up twice, in the episodes "Learning Curve" and "Repression" and Jurot was mentioned in "Counterpoint".

The game was originally released for the PC in 2000, but saw a PS2 port in 2001 from Majesco and Pipedream Interactive; The only addition to the PS2 port was an auto-aim feature, targeting any and all nearby enemies. In 2001, an expansion pack to the game added a mode called "Virtual Voyager", allowing you to roam the ship as you please, also adding a few new Holodeck missions and some collectibles around the ship. Unfortunately, the expansion pack is only available for the PC version.


Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force is a game that will appeal to Star Trek fans and non-fans alike; It has good voice acting from the members of the show and some good game-exclusive voices as well! The graphics are great and make you feel like you're in an episode of Voyager; The music also contributes to this, as well! If you're looking for a new game to play, get this one! I give it a 9.0/10! The game is free to download on the web, but if you would like a direct link to it, feel free to message me privately!

This brings an end to the first review of 2019! I'd like to apologize in advance for any breaks in reviews from this point forward; I've recently been so busy with my personal life and haven't found good time to do reviews. I'll be resuming the polls for a new game to be reviewed sometime this week, so watch out for that! Until the next review everyone, stay safe and have a happy new year! Smile
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Great review still reading it Smile
Although Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force isn't that old but still really fun. It's honestly one of the best FPS games I've ever played.
Star Trek Elite Force II was an awesome game, but I never journeyed online.
I've done questionable things.
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I've got this and never played it which is pretty sad (so many games and so little time), now i will make sure i give it a go the next chance i get.
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I got this game, and played it so much (trek fan groupie), I have Elite Force 2, but have not played it yet.
Look out for the Yeti!

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