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Favorite Video Game Weapons
Hey Fellow Gamers!
What are Your Favorite Weapons from the Games you like???
Post it Here! Big Grin

I have Many, But I'll Start Off with these...

Zero's Weapons
[Image: megamanzeroocw_preview01.jpg]

Devil May Cry Series Weapons
[Image: 6109410ef007de46090cd7010dc528b5.jpg]

Turok's Cerebral Bore Lol
[Image: jeremy-park-cerbral-bore-final-ss-05.jpg?1473730331]

The Blades of Chaos from God of War
[Image: Mf9MY.png]
[Image: d56ilge-1b85a793-6deb-438d-84d8-ab6ba9a7433e.png]
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Silver Talon, shotgun and heavy machine gun from Soldier Of Fortune 1.

Stake Gun and shotgun from Painkiller.

Sniper from Bulletstorm, also combination of Energy Leash + Screamer (revolver) to make headshots.

Cooper's throwing knife in Desperados Wanted Dead Or Alive Tongue
Fat Man from Fallout games, cos it allways makes my kid laugh hearing the name. Lol
Some of mine are:

Dynamite bundle from Blood (1997 DOS game), it never gets old  Smile 

[Image: Blood_-_Dynamite_bundle.jpg]

Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII

[Image: Cloud.Strife.full.231922.jpg]

Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War series

[Image: gow_gun-5.jpg]

Flak Cannon from Unreal Tournament series

[Image: flak.jpg]
[Image: Py86-XZ2-WM4-Ter-YNpj-CDz5-K-1200-80.jpg]
Mmmmmh let's begin with some fps weapons:

Spinfusor - Tribes Vengeance

Shoots energy discs with bullet physics. Really satisfying.

[Image: spinfusor.jpg]

Stake gun-Grenade Launcher - Painkiller

Fires a stake which may impale the enemy on the wall <3

[Image: 22870-stakegun.jpg]
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Consoles wanted:
Sega Dreamcast, Wonderswan.

[Image: Felneth.png]
[Image: BFG9000inaction-HellRevelead-map32.png]

BFG 9000-Doom.
Save The Best For Last!
[Image: Banner.png]
[Image: Ripper.jpg]
the original ripper on a tight map, find a room witha decent firefight inside and fill the room with saw blades that end up decapitating everyone in the room shortly

mostly I like depictions of pre-1900 or pre-1900-inspired firearms though, revolvers and lever-action rifles and shotguns are among my favorite, with my favorite inspiration being the volcanic repeating pistol
Oh I'm SO gonna enjoy this Bouncyredfire Great Thread BTW. Sum of my favorites weapons from Duke Nukem... who would've thought it, right? (sarcasm) Lol
If you think about it, Duke Nukem and the weapons are what make the game fun, it is a cog in the wheel. Same thing goes with the levels. 
While He COULD travel through time kickin' alien butt with his bare hands, he likes to mix it up...  Rapidfire

[Image: images.jpg]
"Come Get Some"

Starting by the Famous M-40 Pulse Gun AKA 'Blaster' from Zero Hour, my fave :p
[Image: m40pulsegun.jpg]

The 45. Peacekeeper Revolver (Wheel-gun, hand-cannon, man-stopper) From DN-ZH (Epic)
[Image: revolver.jpg]

The M1911 from DN Forever (Neat)

[Image: 2412.png]

Who could forget this sneaky deadly fella? The Lead Cannon from DN Advanced 

[Image: 4121.png]

The Microwave Expander from DN 3D (Nasty)

[Image: 43412.gif]

The Awesome Winchester Rifle .30 from DN ZH (Wild West Era)

[Image: rifle.jpg]
And saving the the Best for last: The Ripper, that 3 barreled, ammo eating, bullet vomit gun that I always make sure to have in my inventory. I love the design, the damage it does, and the sound it makes when it fires. Now if only a 6 barreled version existed.
Edit 1:
I can only say, from my experience, that the worst weapon ever was The Expander - It had a nice idea behind, but final realization was very lacking... What is the point in using weapon that almost takes more rounds to kill basic monsters than pistol? lol
Edit 2: 
Just throwing it out there, is it just me or is it that Zero Hour had the most memorable weapons in the series? No matter whom I ask they always go back to Zero Hour for the most inventive weapons. I mean next to Manhattan Project where can you say you had a gun that shoots lighting at enemies. Or the Peacekeeper Revolver making enemies fly back in hilarious ways. Of course the other games have their memorable weapons but Zero Hour is often mentioned a lot.
Edit 3:
Also thought it would be cool to post this video: All DN 3D Weapons Demo
I've done questionable things.
The Laptop Gun from Perfect Dark. Because it is both a Machine Gun and a Portable, Wall Atachable Turret  plus it disguises as a Laptop.

[Image: laptop.jpg]
first ones that came in mind Smile :

-Magnum in Resident Evil, pointed at zombie heads

-the weapon of Dead Space, dont remember the correct name, the laser cutter?

-the Shotgun in first Doom

-the normal rifle + v.a.t.s. effect in Fallout, a game in the game
[Image: cfa05c5c3b4dbaadfb5b25993f2823d7.jpg]
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