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Retro Zone 2019 Update.
As you have seen there have been a lot of changes that have taken place the last few weeks.
So I'm going to post a quick update on what's been confirmed so far.

Retro Zone is no longer hosting games nor will link to any copyrighted content.
The user groups for content posters were merged back into the default user groups as we have no file section now.
Staff and users will continue to help with gaming in general, but things change constantly so I cannot tell you exactly where or what the site eventually evolves into.
There was a replacement in development for helping people find roms and content,this project has no completion date or time frame but a beta is up and running last I knew.
If you join the Discord chances are you can get a referral to content from other users but we aren't providing content so 3rd parties will be your best bet we are scene friendly so feel free to to share with users in our room just keep the links private please as this protects you and your files from DMCA and Discord violations.

Some of you may have seen the ads for HumbleBundle partnership, if you can please use it.
Also this means that if we are taking on ad and partnerships then any linking to files or roms is not going to be allowed on the forums at all.

I know there has been a lot of conflicting updates and information posted and I'm sorry I'm not in charge of the project or direction it's going here so I have to post information as it's given to me and there are constant changes going on for a new site.
I've decided it's easier if the people making the decisions here give you updates from now on.

I will be taking a backseat from the forums for the next project.

Good luck guys and don't forget to wash your balls.
Come play with daddy.
I never forget to wash my Balls.. otherwise, they would stink
[Image: PIGim6c.png]
Be clean people.

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