High hopes for a game

#21. Post Posted: 01-25-2019, 04:26 AM
(01-25-2019, 03:59 AM)Gamerone Wrote: Big Mutha Truckers Ps2
That games kind of boring!
I'll play about anything though! Lol

Big Rigs is worse though!
Its like playing a unfinished beta or something!

I play it again Lol

lol yeah Big Rigs is super bad sheesh, even a racing game from a cereal box is better than that Lol I could make a better game in Notepad! XD
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Wrestlemania XX1 for XBOX (2005)

Grand hopes for one decent wrestling game playable on the old XBOX died with this one.
After RAW, and then RAW 2, things just hit crap bottom with Wrestlemania 21 - horrible controls, terrible collision physics and an AI on strike.
Graphically impressive (if sitting back and spectating), but frustrating to try and play.

[Image: 495876-wwe-wrestlemania-21-xbox-front-cover.jpg]
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Had high hopes and it was not bad but could have been better.

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Well this on could've been done better..... guess Ubi just didn't put more effort on this one, hence, it was forgotten(pardon the pun Big Grin) the Prince could really use a good new game or Reboot of some sort....
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Same as the Legacy of Kain Series....
I had more questions than answers after playing Defiance.... I'd love to see Nosgoth again with Kain and Raziel
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