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Which Game you had high hopes for but when it was released the game was very crappy
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I was excited for Lords of Shadow 2 back then, but when I played it, I didn't enjoy it as I though I would....
Same goes for some modern game nowadays.... only a few really lives up to it....
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I remember when Duke Nukem Forever. i was expecting so much and it flopped.
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When I think a game or a movie is right up my alley, I try to avoid any spoiler, even minor ones. This lead me to not pay attention to the red flags raised by some games. Luckily this happened basically only twice:

- Watch_Dogs (PC): simply unplayable at launch due to performance and bug issues. Then it was a crappy open world game like basically everything made by Ubisoft in the last decade (Rayman and M&M aside). Never bought another Ubisoft game ever since.

- Mass Effect Andromeda (PC): did not get into the early access (why should I pay for that?) and the day 1 patch saved me from experiencing a lot of bugs and most of the horrible animations, but it was a trainwreck in every aspect. I poured in it something like 10-15h hoping to get to the fan part, but when I realized what the game loop was about, the writing and the story weren't improving and the difficulty was basically provided by bullet-sponge enemies which either one-shot you or stay out of cover just to be hit, something clicked in my mind and I finally did me a favor and uninstalled it. My heart was crashed, I was really hoping this would atone the ME3 "disaster" (even though it was an ok game, in the end)... but, oh boy, was I wrong!

Honorable Mention:

- Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4): the teasers and trailers were amazing, the fans were enthusiastic and the graphics were amazing (I'm really into CG, by a technical standpoint), it sold like crazy. I thought it was finally a new awesome PS4 exclusive, but when a friend of mine gifted me the GOTY last summer I was really disappointed. It was another Ubisoft open world game, but more polished, with less bugs and with an interesting, but sloooooow story. To this day I'm still about 1/3 of the way into the main plot.


How could I forget Dragon Age 2? Dragon Age Inquisition was bad too, but DA2 takes the cake as most disappointing rpg I've ever played.
Oh, and Battle For Azeroth too, such a wasted potential... don't get me started on WoW/Blizzard Tongue

Now that I look at my list they are all recent games. Maybe it's a sign...
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The first two titles that come in mind are Crackdown 2 for the Xbox360 and Alundra 2 for the PS1
both first chapters are great, the sequels... Dodgy
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Suikoden 4 - not bad RPG ,but not worth Suikoden name,
Colin Mcree Rally 3 - PS2 game that is much worse than CM2 on PS1,
Spyro games on PS2 - New Begininig was still half good, but then they started to ruin it more and more ,especialy didnt like  Dawn of Dragons,
Legacy of Kain: Defiance - hated that they changed game camera from third person to some kind of static camera similar to Residen Evil games,
Diablo 3 - hated it so much that i had this in my sig for year on TIZ: 

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(01-18-2019, 11:16 AM)SasaPinjic Wrote: Diablo 3 - hated it so much...

i have played it a couple of months ago on xbox360 and dont know if there are differences between versions

imo its a 'rose water' Diablo, a game with automatic pilot, more similar to a Sacred title

yes, they should have called it Sacred xxx

EDIT sorry for the font randomly change, im posting with phone and dont know wtf is happening  Confused
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Diablo III is an insult to the memory of the first two games. Total tosh.
I own the 360 version and it sucks worse than a bag full of sucky things..
I waited years for it to be released, that stated it would be the LAST Bliz product I'd ever buy.
Still hold true to this, to the point, I even have a fixed version of Diablo/Hellfire/D2 LoD that run perfectly on 7+ systems,
and I still play them both (Hellfire was Sierra's unofficial expansion to Diablo)
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I know there are a lot of people that rate Fallout New Vegas as their favorite game in the series, but I was really disappointed with it after the fantastic Fallout 3. I still completed it, and enjoyed it, but felt that it lacked a lot of what made Fallout 3 so good. It felt overly linear, and I'd exhausted all of it's gameplay within 40hrs (where F3 had kept me occupied for around 100hrs).
Not sure I could say that I'd had high hopes for it, but I'd certainly expected it to be at least "as good"... seems that the franchise has been increasingly deteriorating ever since.
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@Kremiso , yes ,site has habit to glitchin or change font when you copy and paste something or quoting .
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