Casual abilities in some video games?

#11. Post Posted: 01-22-2019, 05:28 PM
That happens to me in most FPS and platform games nowadays. I was very good at them when i was younger, especially FPS arena shooters like Unreal Tournament games and Quake 3 Arena (even won some local UT and Q3A tournaments in the past), but now i sometimes get my ass kicked by other players.
It's just that i lost some of my reflexes over the years and maybe i have a problem with concentration sometimes. Like others wrote, when i'm 'in the zone' i'm like my old self, death-dealing in shooters or completing levels in platform games with ease without single death, and other times i'm just plain bad.
I'm still very good at bullet hell shmups though, go figure...  Smile
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randomly as other already said
reflexes = - age, so, soon, in a couple of genres like fps, i'm gonna be screwed  Smile
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