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PS3 stuck at 0mb in multiman....
For some reason I switched on my ps3 and saw a notification at the top “there is now less than 500mb on the HD”.... I went huh.  So I went into multiman and it said I had 0mb left??? So I went into the games folder and deleted Sega genesis collection (bles00475) because I dont need it, as well as blur cuz it’s cheap if I really want to play it, and get it

Andy after each game was deletied there was only A gig of free space available.  I thought that was weird so I checked and blur is like 5gig.... also, the last time I used my PS3 everything was fine and there was no such “less than 500mb” error.   Has anybody seen this before?
This might help sometimes your Ps3 needs to be error check like a pc
Heres the video
hope this helps

Works with a softmodded Ps3 also. wont lose any data unless you chose the 5th option!

heres a tool that can help hope you don't need to use it


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