PS3 stuck at 0mb in multiman....

#1. Post Posted: 01-28-2019, 01:35 AM
For some reason I switched on my ps3 and saw a notification at the top “there is now less than 500mb on the HD”.... I went huh.  So I went into multiman and it said I had 0mb left??? So I went into the games folder and deleted Sega genesis collection (bles00475) because I dont need it, as well as blur cuz it’s cheap if I really want to play it, and get it

Andy after each game was deletied there was only A gig of free space available.  I thought that was weird so I checked and blur is like 5gig.... also, the last time I used my PS3 everything was fine and there was no such “less than 500mb” error.   Has anybody seen this before?
#2. Post Posted: 01-28-2019, 02:37 AM
This might help sometimes your Ps3 needs to be error check like a pc
Heres the video

hope this helps

Works with a softmodded Ps3 also. wont lose any data unless you chose the 5th option!

heres a tool that can help hope you don't need to use it


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