Retrogamer from Bosnia

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Hello people here is TonyBiH retrogamer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm generation '84. Love gaming from NES, SNES, GameCube, PS1, PS2, Dos games, all kind of custom modding and stuff. I was proud member of Snesorama, Iso zone, Emuparadise and I was crushed from year to year with closing and negative campaign against gamers, copyleft movement sharing community. Owning PS1, PS2, PS4, XBoX, Game Cube, NES Classic Mini, SNES Classic Mini... I was uploader on Snesorama and I would be proud if time comes that I can contribute here.
Untill then cheers. [Image: ziveli.gif]

P.S. If is allowed I would suggest HOME button on forum so we can back to main page of forum.
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Welcome back Tony! ✨ Glad to have you onboard ^w^
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Pozdrav komsija , kako je !  Icon_lol
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Pozdrav komšo evo konačno da dočekamo da se vrati forum.

I will speak english because of others (for other we just say hallo to each other we don't plot anything Big Grin ) Finaly we have retrozone back I hope that this will be our new haven like Snesorama and Emuparadise was.
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Welcome aboard.
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Welcome back to RetroZone and nice to meet you Tony!
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welcome Smile
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