Post Count Not Working

#11. Post Posted: 02-02-2019, 08:04 PM
Take it from me, top poster says I have 277 posts when the counter indicates 270 (+25 threads) well 271 with this one, so yes I think is general, I'm not complaining just trying to prove my point.
Is my math blowing your mind? Lol
Edit: As SasaPinjic said, is not a bug, its a feature, no need to freak out about this lol.
I've done questionable things.
#12. Post Posted: 02-02-2019, 09:22 PM
OK that all makes sense... I get it now.
Thanks guys for clarifying that.
#13. Post Posted: 04-13-2019, 07:10 PM
some areas have post count turned off
#14. Post Posted: 04-13-2019, 09:45 PM
Thanks for confirming it, Master Massamo :)

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