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PS2 Laser Pot Tweaking
What Are The Best Setting for Fat or Slim PS2 Lasers?

Any and All Info Would Be Greatly Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
Everything you need to know.
Found this, not sure if it's accurate
Quote:POT tweaking on self calibrating lasers units(Like PS2 has) is a myth! The pot there is just for the focus/intensity itself. Stock value is the best + they can be different at each laser, so i can't tell u what [Image: smile.gif]

Only very old lasers units like that one in the PS1: SCPH-100X have Gain and bias pots and need proper values there, as these systems can't calibrate automatic.

My advise it: That time u would mess around with the laser, its better to go to work, earn the money from that and get a new laser unit [Image: smile.gif]

Edit: Oops, that was in one of the links Z provided just now lol didn't realize that, sorry my bad...
I've done questionable things.

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