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Arcade played in childhood/youth era ?
Arcades werent popular here. the only arcades that i am certain i played in my childhood were Street Fighter 2,and a good while after that i (late 2000s/early 2010) i recall playing some Neo Geo games.
I remember putting a lot of coins on these games too!
Both The Midnight Wanderers and Chariot were fun, but Don't Pull was a little meh for me... Big Grin

I still play em' from time to time on emulators.
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^^ about coins, probably the arcade that mostly suck my pockets was Super Sidekicks 3, during the military service Sad

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I used to play Vulcan venture with my Dad back in the late 80s. Every Sunday we would go down and play. He was soo much better than me lol. Rtype was a frequent one also. When I was with my friends it was all about street fighter and mortal kombat. Then in our late teens Virtual racing and ridge racer!! Good times
All the Neo Geo games and Sega Racing and Fighting Games.
(04-09-2019, 12:05 AM)Preston2011 Wrote: ...Rtype was a frequent one also....

this was (is) one of my fave arcade ever
not played too much as i would at time because bar owner remove the cabinet after a while Sad
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