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CBOX MVS BIOS upgrade?
I have a CBOX Neo Geo MVS (the Aliexpress one) with UniBios 3.3 and I ordered the NeoBiosMasta and UniBios 4. The motherboard is a MV-1C and it looks like the Bios has been replaced and it appears to be a bootleg UniBios, my question is would replacing the Bios be as simple like a normal upgrade or could the controller ports be tied to the Bios? (its the deluxe version with Sega Saturn ports). My plan was to just cut the old Bios out completely, remove the legs and install the new one using the NeoBiosMasta.
I have an aliexpress CBOX as well and have ordered a NeoBiosMasta VMC and a Unibios 4.0 chip. I'm going to install them once they arrive. I'll let you know how goes. Just curious, what type of bios chip does your CBOX have? Mine has an AMD chip.
I installed the NBM VMC today and everying works as it should. I tested Neo Geo and Saturn controllers and had zero issues. The VMC version of the NeoBiosMasta is pretty cool since it requires no soldering for installation and you never have to worry about replacing another battery to save scores and progress. You just snap it on and it's ready to go. Be careful when you remove the bios chip on your CBOX. If you look closely you'll see that they soldered the last two pins to a ceramic capacitor.

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