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Issues with XboxHDM USB
I have tried a few times to hook up my 1tb hard drive to run it on XboxHDM USB and for some reason every time it just will not recognize the hard drive at all. I am curious if anyone else has ran into this issue I really want to get this hdd installed and load all the games onto it. Any help is appreciated thanks.
Found this online, hope it helps

Quote:Buy a generic SATA to USB adaptor, not an HDD enclosure or cloning station.

Most things should work for prepping the HDD, but locking requires a compatible adaptor, there are quite a few. But hubs and enclosures probably won’t work. ( the latest build of smartmontools supports more chipsets, but it’s not been modified to do the RC4 eeprom key decryption )

Smartmontools USB Device Support:

I only use 2.5” drives in my Xbox and I have two adaptors, one generic Chinese one and the Xbox 360 transfer kit. ( the original grey one ) both work for cloning and locking of all my HDDs.

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