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MAME/Arcade Related Sites
MAME/Arcade Related Sites

Somethings online are becoming harder to fnd, especially if things update regularly such as MAME.
So to help you Emu nuts out a bit, here are a few of the sites I use for my ZArcade 0.200

The Number 1 MAME Information Site. Find out whats going on currently in the MAME/Arcade emulation scene. The forum is very informative too !
The source of the roms your playing in my collections in zip format. They also carry all the CHD/GD's and Laser Disk Images, plus a complete MAME setup with every file in current release. Access is limited by file ratio per day, but you can upgrade membership for better access for just a fiver ! (30 day access)
Handy for Laserdisks!
Everything you could possibly want resource wise for MAME. Serious amount of Artwork
MAME Artwork/bezels ect - Updated quite often
The ARCADE Emulator that I use homepage

One thing I do ask though is if you use Retroroms, support them a little. They are one of the only MAME sites that are still going and they have been here since MAME.DK went Dodo...
Without them, it's..... PD....

If you know of any MAME related sites that offer up to date stuff, let us know Smile

ZX81v2 - R Tape Loading Err0r
[-] The following 1 user says Thank You to ZX81v2 for this post:
  • Nux
Thanks ZX this is awesome ++
I've done questionable things.
This is very helpful, thanks ZX!  Smile
[Image: Py86-XZ2-WM4-Ter-YNpj-CDz5-K-1200-80.jpg]

It's a complete folder name and CHD's required for each game list.
All these games are in Working in Arcade 0.205. If you manage to get all these, you add 164 Gig to your Arcade collection.
But you'll be complete working set of 9217 game sets Smile
I ain't even thinking about uploading CHD's so don't ask ! Smile

ZX81v2 - C None Sense In Everything

EDIT : I missed one
Nice! ZX

I've visited progrettosnaps and mr do's a lot.
I know this is dated a little but I'm saying "Thanks" regardless.
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