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Hi friends,

find games here.
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bookmarked Yes ty @"bgfra" ++
Edit: A good place to find and download old games too is:
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This one's pretty cool too :

on the Top-Right you can choose English or Russian language
(not everything gets translated)
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(02-21-2019, 01:05 PM)ALexRex Wrote: This one's pretty cool too :

on the Top-Right you can choose English or Russian language
(not everything gets translated)
^I can vouch for that site.

You can use this search engine too:

It still lists TiZ among the sites  Smile , otherwise it works good, i've found some lesser known games this way.
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- This site has been around for years. Full games every month posted under FREEWARE tab Smile
- Here's another old site still kicking with FREE stuff, and they carry a hell of a lot
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This one seems legit, you can find old classic video games there, the site is in Portuguese but you can use Google insta translator. The Eng button dont seem to work.
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When TIZ was shut down I found many other sites, some are already mentioned:
- abandonware games
- also abandonware games
- old indie and shareware games that went free
- surprisingly Internet Archive has a ton of video games, many of them still sold (like Half Life or Diablo), and you can also find some really rare stuff
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Wow so many great sites! I was hesitant to post any here back then, Big Grin
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is a nice way to play some of the most classics, if you like online stuff Smile
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nice find i found one of my old fav games on there. shame the online is dead for it however.
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really i can't
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