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Best Saturn Emulator?
but i want to hear every one's input before i pick one.
[Image: lNJddbp.gif]

really i can't
Mednafen, it's a pain in the ass to configure and run but so far it's the only one that managed to run all my Saturn ISOs without a hitch.
If you're interested on mobile emulation I would recommend 
Yaba Sanshiro, a Sega Saturn Emulator for android devices I use it almost every time to kill time Big Grin
There are plenty out there for computers as well like Yabause, it supports booting games using Saturn cds or iso files Big Grin
I've done questionable things.
i'll check out Yabause.
[Image: lNJddbp.gif]

really i can't
Yea I have to say I love Mednafin.

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