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Hey everybody just wanted to take a minuit and introduce myself to the new retrozone community. I love all things gaming current gen  retro gen etc. Was very sad when i realized that isozone was shutdown the site taught me so much how to patch and burn games mod systems etc it was so much more then just file links it was a community of awesome people who were just happy to have others like them in a community. I feel within time this forum will be much better then the isozone looking forward to getting to know everybody better as time goes on
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There was tons that we all lost from that site, but its only a matter of time until RetroZone comes knocking on the former glory's door and kicks it wide open. I believe it will be better, especially since its under better management. Smile

Welcome aboard.
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Glad you're back and yes I too think RetroZone will surpass 'The ISO Zone' in due time, patience is key.
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welcome Smile
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