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Halo Master Chief Collection comming to PC
It's already old news, but I'm wondering what you guys think of it ? I only played first two games, because others never released on PC, so I am mostly interested to play Halo 3 to finish the trilogy. Unfortunatelly I watched the playthrough on Youtube 2 years ago, since I couldn't wait anymore, but I would like to experience it properly.
Personally I'm most Interested in finally being able to replay Halo Reach again, to me it was the Pinnacle of the Halo franchise.
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The idea of getting to replay these games again is great. I love reach as a halo game, but I must say that ODST is a great game because of the struggle and desperation.
ODST was really great as a concept, I liked the back and forth between the current events and the backflash's of your squad. But for me it lacked a bit in the Story department and considering what you are pulling off as what is more or less a mere Soldier ODST is somewhat making the Spartans look irrelevant, I always felt that the Shock Troopers felt a bot overpowered in the context of the Halo Universe. IMO they should have played around more with a Stealth concept where you have to actively avoid Hunters and maybe even struggle Fighting against Elites. But ODST isn't as bad as many Halo Fans try to make it.

As the Overall Package I prefer Reach.

Main reason that everyone knew going into the game that every single Spartan of the Team, including the Player character, had to die in the game, and considering that factoid alone it is really amazing what they managed to do with it, when the first Spartan fell it caught me really off guard and it was a very emotional moment because at that point of the game you really had grown to know and like those guys. That final push through the canyon to bring Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn and the desperate struggle to fight off the enemy long enough so that the Pillar of Autumn could fly off to set the Events of the Original Halo in Motion. To me Halo Reach is a prime example for Storytelling not only in a Videogame, but in general, especially the 2nd half of it where Shit really hits the Fan and things look more and more hopeless.
My personal, not-so-fancy blog about Theme Parks and related media with some other stuff sprinkled in.

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