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Welcome all users, mods and such type of special TiZ and RetroZoner's
Let me introduce yourself. I'm a hardest retro gamer which was first registered on yours megaforum "The ISO Zone" and than downloading more content for everything that was most important to him at that place, I could find there a ton of things like ISO games, retro games are fine-grained on each page somewhat, a bunch of ROMSETS for each console or older player's machine, etc.

Otherwise, before I made the material on TPB, RARB tracker, so I am even more in this but the only difference is that I now get more from the net of newer games of the trial period and then I create a mega collection by sorting all of these titles into folders by name or team name developer, year and mark them so that they know which freeware, demos and full games.

Therefore, greetings to the entire admin team, other users and others, it is my great pleasure to hang out on this forum, I hope that this forum will become very popular as the one before.

Thank you for welcoming me to this forum Wink)
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Well how nice, thank you! is good to have you back, enjoy the site Big Grin
I've done questionable things.
welcome friend!!
I saw the gap again today while you were begging me to stay......
Welcome aboard
Welcome to the site :)
Glad you found us, let more know :)

Hello there! And Welcome to RetroZone! :D
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I came back as well and so did many others. TIZ was so sweet. I hope we can match or exceed it. It takes time. I feel bad for Emuparadise but that workaround script in Github sure is nice when your'e in a pinch.
Welcome Gnomzy!  Smile Glad you could join us.
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