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Someone remade Star Wars: Podracer... in Unreal Engine 4 (Free Download)
Hey everyone!

Remember the kick ass Star Wars Pod Racer from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? Well some fan
used Unreal 4 engine and recreated it. 

If you want to follow the creator of this game on ArtStation, follow the link here!

Download it here:

(The above link is on my share drive with google. If its unavailable to DL, simply log into your google account or google drive account and copy the game to your google drive or PM me and I will upload it again)

Enjoy! Tongue
Fekking A+
I love this game, I managed to make the original release work on Win7+ too using a couple of wrapper programs. This however will be downloaded, played and nagged at...

Thanks +10

TIP : Grab this before The Evil Empire realize and C&D it (Di5n3y)
Looks so cool dude!
[Image: d56ilge-1b85a793-6deb-438d-84d8-ab6ba9a7433e.png]
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Wow This is incredible, also did I get the Unreal Engine 4 too (7.4 gig)?
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