AmigaLive MultiPlayer

Dude!!! That's really nice! I'll have to give it a try. I never grew up with the Amiga but had been fascinated about it. Thanks for the news, Pinky!
ive read lot of good stuff about AmigaLive Project but never tried, now that you mention it i should, seems like a great gaming experience over the internet, would be nice to play Barbarian+ against another player online :D Thanks Pinky! ++

Last night I played Air Sea Battle with an Englishman, emulating an Amiga, emulating an Atari
Nice one guy's

This is Retro++

AmigaLive is now on .V 982

Many many games have been added, bugs fixed, New features added:)

If your an Amiga fan, give it a try

Click and go!
I had an Amiga 3000 Tower (new) in box, sorry that one got away,but this is----------------------Great! Thanks!