Another Dolphin Related Problem


hi , wanted ask if anyone expert with dolphin know how solve these error messages that appear when booting sonic adventure 2 in dolphin beta ( everyone on internet suggested get the latest beta or dev because stable build is too old ) Cattura.PNG , Catturas.PNG, thanks if anyone can help to solve this
it was already off by default , but still gave the error on boot , those were the sonic 2 setting ( sorry that is writed in italian )Cattura.PNG
is too old and everyone suggested get the latest build , if possible wanted try to fix the issue in this version and a friend of mine that use latest build like me told he didn't get those error messages but seems he still use these settings , so maybe there is another issue but not know which one is sadly , im was using even a newer good pc when tried it , really not have a clue why this is happening
hope someone can find out what can be done for solve the issue , is weird a new and good pc getting these errors with the default settings...
seems is an europe rom related problem , tried an usa one and the error is gone , since i ever used a europe rom , the save file not work in the usa version with no error , is possible convert the save from europe to usa for not have to start over ? thanks