Boom,new p c is done,hardly!


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$700 dollars spent on a new p c, but it will not boot, or start, duh, missing modular power supply cable (4pin), have not found one anywhere.
Replacement cables? Thought I'd call Evga and ask if they have one, since I cannot find one on their site. A guy (forums) did that when he lost one,too.
SO......................I still waiting, this is the ultimate gaming machine for me
Some specs:
MSI X470 motherboard,16 gig, DDR4-3000
Msi 4gig video card
2TB SSD drive
Huge case, supports 1x floppy,6x Harddrives,4x DVD's,all modular, I mean huge!
Ryzen 5,c p u cooler
Later you buccaneers! Cool
What 's in your wallet, mines empty.


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why you missing that cable all psu come with them and yes need that because that gives power to the cpu

but are you sure you don't have 8pin one that will fit in 4pin as well or can try cablemods


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O K, I'll take a pic of this monster for you 'fancy buccaneers',but don't get let up drinking your daily ration of grog!
One hand for the ship, and one hand fer yer self,aargh!


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10 inches wide,22 inches long,24 inches tall,big handle on top,case was used for $100.
All other parts are new! LOL


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