Characters you wanna punch in the face.


Note: just cause i wanna punch them, doesn't mean i dislike them.
BTW Image used is the character i wanna punch


The main character in Heavy Rain, I hate him so much. Loved it when he had to go trough broken glass, made him die so many times. Never been so happy to make my character die in a game.


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Dammit I'm supposed to be the Castlevaniac. I'm playing Castlevania Curse of Darkness. I've beat the game before and guess what the second boss is a dragon in the mountains and it's annoying me. I've got to go two rounds with this bastard. I don't look forward to the next encounter. I remember Issac sucked fighting in this one too. My familiar is getting his ass whooped too easy. This sux. I must be getting too old to beat PS2 games. Shit I'll just retire and play Angry Birds for the rest of my life I guess.