Clockwork Knight:Pengin War (Prototype) - I dont really know where else to post it...


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I found today something very cool around the web about the playable prototype of a clockwork knight game.
I don't really know how to upload to the index really and the site changed look so im lost but here is a link to where i found it and downloaded it.
It require you to burn it and have a saturn with pseudosaturn or backup play able or a good emulator. :)

I wish everyone to enjoy this a lot !



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how long is the game. I only got about 1Mb and a half or so when i downloaded it. I can up it to the index


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Its actually quite small. :) You can credit me for finding it maybe as i cant upload it myself...

Also i hope everyone that got this enjoy it very much, the site in this link is also full of other prototype and cool things for everyone to enjoy so keep gaming, keep enjoying ! ;)