ColecoVision goodies from Robb Alvey / ColecoVision Lunatics.


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Thanks so much to Robb Alvey of the ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook group for sending me out some awesome ColecoVision merch. After posting my unboxing video a couple weeks ago unboxing a replacement Colecovision (2 ColecoVision consoles among several parts of my collection stolen some months prior) in the group ColecoVision Lunatics Facebook Group, Robb soon commented asking me to send him a message via the ColecoVision Fan Page so he could send out some cool items. Here you will see the awesome stuff he sent out, really cool and fun ColecoVision related goodies to cheer me up ! Please, check out Robb and all the awesome members of the ColecoVision Lunatics group as well as the ColecoVision fan page on Facebook here are the links.
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