Create WinRAR SFX


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You can see I made a simple batch file here (monaco.bat) for the purpose of Game starting after extraction.

To create a simple .bat file, open notepad , add text lines, save as all types, change .txt to .bat
This will create the .bat executable file, you can delete the .txt now


Save as

This .bat:

Use standard compression setting as I have experienced issues personally with other settings


Open WinRAR and find the folder where you compressed the file using WinRAR GUI

Once selected, click on "Tools" tab, select " convert archive to SFX


Update Tab, select options as follows:


Setup Tab

Here we have to designate the executable path


Mode tab

Select "unpack to temp folder" and select "hide all"
Hides extraction process



For this example, other tab's are not used, feel free to play around.

Click "OK" then in main WinRAR window, OK again to start process...

In your main folder, you will see your .exe now


Click and Test....


Nice tutorial Pinky. Don't get me wrong but ESET detects the your example SFX extracting process as virus, maybe it is false alarm?

Here's the full details what ESET got :
\MonacoRZ\mgpr_launcher.exe Win32/Ramnit.E virus

As Ramnit shows as backdoor virus.

Doing a system scan right now

I do scan these files before uploading....Hmmm

Thanx for the heads up++
Don't get me wrong but I use Eset Nod32 AV System and is very good, but sometimes it can be a little pita with files like these, most of them giving you false positives, same happens with certain cracks or keygens :s best thing to do is temporarily disable protection and run the .exe file while is off.
SFX are quite simple, the biggest issue can be simply the compressed data that triggers the AV/Trojan/"Oh my god it's gonna kill your computer"/Virus yadda...

I have a MAME ROM that triggers Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.... Seriously...
Any of my "Intro's are usually crunched using UPX exe compression, which AV's jump on cos they are dumb.
You got more chance of Malware/Spyware/Adware/Ransomware than a Virus nowdays....

Virus's as such are "Old school" compared to modern exploits.

I don't use ANY of the main brand Anti-Virus programs any more as they are all as bad as each other.
"We stopped 10.000.000 virus's last month" crap, yeah and most were false positives.

Best AV's I found are (In no order)

PANDA Anti-Virus
Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Other software to keep you clean
Mawarebytes Anti-Malware/Anti-Rootkit (Free) - The Anti-Rootkit is a must if you connect to other "unknown" computers regular. Rootkits are destructive
Spybot Search and Destroy v1.6x - Easier to use than v2.xx
CCleaner - Trash the temps fast !

SANDBOXIE - Exactly what it says on the box... An unknown/newly downloaded app, - Sandbox it and run, set AV to scan the Sandbox. Simple

Now I ain't saying you have no chance of getting a virus, but if you scan once a month you keep your computer clean. I have not had a virus outbreak n over 10 years. The last one that tried to be an outbreak was locked down within seconds of it running.

Google Chrome and Doubleclick are the worst for spyware/adware