CRT Problem

Looks like a signal drop of some sort, slightly off tuned, possibly at the console, possibly at the TV..
PS TV out can sometimes get "Fluff" or slightly corroded try wobbling the lead at the console end and see if anything happens. Don't be too heavy-handed !
Other than that try another lead if you have one

It looks like a Signal based issue to me
Appreciate the replies!

I only have this on Zelda NES because of the color I believe. I play many other games without problem.
I have tried ps2 NES emulator fceumm and same thing happened so I believe it must be the TV.
Of course it is also at the bottom and (probably) top, so I am thinking this is a crappy TV without the power to put lines to the edges properly.
I think it has more to do with the amount of light in the line, being displayed.
I'm pretty sure it is the TV at this point, since it does not happen in the middle of the screen,

I will try just RCA connection, but IDK the point was to get a better signal with s-video,
see what happens.
anyways thanks
I appreciate the input, I am fairly positive that it is the TV, after doing some more tests.
It seems to only happen on Zelda overworld so far because of the mix of dark and light on the (overworld) lines.
I had said that I tried fceumm NES emulator on ps2 and it still happened.
Tried wiggling and replug, tried just composite plug, same thing basically.
Its a cheaper I think Sharp TV and only weighs about 60 lbs and it is 27 inch. Usually that size weighs like 100 lbs. I am thinking probably has cheap power components.
Also my brother dropped it a few inches when we picked it up LOL =/
I did get the s-video cables on Ebay. But I think they are okay because it only happens near bottom of screen where CRT beam is stretched, and does not happen with other colors or games.
Gonna look for new 27" CRT they are getting hard to find in my small town.

So actually I think IMBNes only dispalys NTSC at least on NTSC console, and one time I tried to play a Europe (PAL) game on it (Mario Bros Deluxe) and it ran too fast

Also usually when there is a PAL / NTSC problem there is no color the image is skewed in black and white and off center
yup, all your explains port at some crt panel issue indeed :(
at this point, you can only try to reduce the issue, playing with tv brightness and contrast (noob hint, sorry lol)
This is why I only go for Sony CRT televisions.

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