Epic is even too dumb to properly make a sale on their Store


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As someone who hated the Epic Store from Day 1 for the Anti-Consumer Practices behind it and general lack of Features (Are they even serious when they operate a Digital Storefront in this Day and Age without the most basic features like being able to leave a customer review or even a fucking virtual basket?) it makes me so insanely happy that they now even fucked up their first major sale with multiple games being temporarily pulled from the Store. Essentially what happened Epic decided to start their first Sale with Advertised discounts of up to 75% and an additional 10 USD off if you pay more than 14.99 USD at Checkout (either that one, or the 10 USD off is for games above that price that don't have a discount, I'm too lazy to check the Details), this even applies to games currently only being sold as a Pre-Order like i,e, Vampire Bloodlines 2.

Because of this Sale, that from the looks of it wasn't properly, if at all, communicated to the Publishers some games are being pulled from the Store. Thing is that Epic seems to have decided on the Details of the Sale on their own essentially paying the Publisher the Difference of the lower Price out of their own Pockets so the Publishers won't have to deal with a lower income because of the Sale. Issue is that some Publishers, like it is the case with Bloodlines 2 or Borderlands 3, Publishers saw a devaluation of their games prior to the release and pulled them off the Store at least for the duration of the sale.

To make things even messier Supergiant Games, of Bastion fame, increased the price of their soon to be released game Hades from 19.99 USD to 24.99 USD, from the looks of it this has nothing to do with anything happening in the Sale itself since it seems to be a Price increase they decided on for the Final release anyway. Issue with this is that this happening during a sale might be considered an illegal, deceptive pricing move because of the ongoing Sale. Previously Supergiant Games did mention that the Final Release Price would be higher than the 19.99 USD during Early Access, however they would announce a Price Increase well before it would happen. Well, there was no announcement for this. At least for the duration of the Sale the Price was lowered again.

And to put a Cherry on this Shitshow the Integration of UbiSoft games seems to be Borked because you can only access them if you have a direct link to the specific Store Paages, but the Search function won't find them.

I really hope that both Consumers and Publishers will think twice if they want to support the Epic Store any further after all the Bullshit moves and stunts Epic pulled ever since launching the Store. They are trying to brute force their way into a market that wouldn't have given them even the hint of a chance if they had entered it fair and square.



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I don't know about you, but I wouldn't even think about opening a bakery without being able to bake really good stuff. Or at least having someone on board that knows how to do so. At this point both bakeries and digital storefronts aren't a new thing anymore and not even having basic features like a Shopping Cart would be like Wallmart telling you that you are only allowed to bring 1 Item to the register at a time.

And the lack of features isn't even the core of the criticism and controversy about the Epic Store, it's their Anti-Consumer tactics, and as shown in the issues with their Sale, lack to communicate properly with their business partners. They are currently devaluing games that aren't even released yet and Publishers don't even seem to have the Option to not participate other than pulling their games entirely from the Store. They are brute forcing their way into scene by buying (timed) exclusives (though this is the fault of greedy Publishers and Devs as well) without offering a benefit to the consumer. Store or System exclusives are NEVER a Benefit for the Customer.


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You say they are doing this intentionally, but honestly it looks and sounds more like a huge fuck up on their part, not a tactic. I'm certain they want customers, not to push them away. I honestly think people are reading into this like it's a Tale of Two Cities, when it's more of a Golden Book series book.