Finally put together my classic gaming corner!


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😎Yay! Finally my little “retro gaming” corner is pretty much complete! The first image displaying Dragon Spirit on my TG-16 is the final setup after cleaning, rewiring and organizing.


Second image with SuperNES Lemmings displayed was starting to come together, added the little BOSE SPEAKER which packs more punch then the tinny sounding TV speakers, I compared and it provides the rich deep arcade cabinet sound which compliments this sharp little Toshiba crt.

Also, added a nice AV SWITCHER with blue LED display, I’ve had it for years doing very little with it, I like it as it match’s the TV and even my Retrobit RetroTrio which are all silver for that classic electronics aesthetic.

The last image is what I started with, a mess, cluttered, dusty, unorganized but I spent the day with the goal of getting this long overdue project completed. Finally satisfied overall, it’s not much but at least it’s something!
I have literally no room for my hobby stuff but this tiny little retro gaming corner is at least something and I got SNES/Genesis/NES covered with the RetroTrio with a Tg-16 underneath and Everdrives carts for all of them. With this setup I can easily add in my Dreamcast or Ps1/Ps2/GameCube etc when needed. I look forward to actually playing and enjoying my systems.


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Thanks guys! Been having a lot of fun of late, checking out Super NES and TG-16 / PCengine mostly so far! YES I played a lot back in the day but it's so fun discovering titles I either never played or even did not know about. Of course having all my favorites at hand as well is pretty great also!