Flashback for Sega Saturn (REminiscence engine) - anyone?


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Hi guys!
I would like to know where I can find the binaries to generate an ISO file for burn a CD-R for Sega Saturn... or the ISO itself.

I'm searching for the files in various sites but, unfortunatelly, no success...

The maximum of "success" until now, was a site selling the repro for Saturn and Dreamcast, and some photos of the CD-R.

... and very old Rapidshare links...

I love this game and would like to play this port directly on Sega Saturn...

Ah, the link for Dreamcast version will be helpful too...

Any help will be appreciated!
Thank you very much!
Seems to have disappeared from everywhere i look due to pages being taken down/broken links.

Might be worth checking out theindex.cc and making a request as someone out there might have it and share. The index is seperate from this site but almost everyone from here uses it and vice versa.
iirc i have played the Dreamcast version
i remember all the videos playing slowly with the music obviously out of synch, but the game works great
i'll search in my hdd's for the .cdi, if you are interested the same