Forum Guidelines

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Forum Guidelines

This is the place for people who absolutley love gaming to connect, share and reach out

These guidelines are in place to protect all members from the nasties of the www

These will get you banned:

1. SPAM - Any account asscciated with spam will be immediately nuked

Spam: repeated threads of same content, unwanted advertising, pornographic materials, harrasing messages and all other forum post deemed to be malicious or unwanted by RZ staff

2. Porn - This will get you banned

3. Direct linking of copyrighted materials or malicious files

4. Harrasment, trolling and doxxing of other forum members is strictly prohibited.

5. Advertising - Don't do it. Build yourself a website

6. E-begging - this aint the place

7. Multiple Accounts and/ or using "fake" e-mails will most likely get acct nuked
Not open for further replies.