Funny moments in games


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Nux said:
Sabkahn said:
I just started Hercules on the N64 (so far a kinda mediocre Action game) and this guard made me laugh way too too hard. It really came out of nowhere and I wasn't expecting something like this in a town terrorized by a Cyclops.




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was near to post this in Zero 'best weapon thread' lol
Gon character in Tekken, weapon of mass destruction ?



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In Mass Effect 2 when Jacob died in the heating vents I was ROFL!
or when you decide to let all the ppl die in the oil fire with Zaeed,
Also when Gatta dies in Final Fantasy X, LOL
It was hilarious

Also when I extort money in Civilization games, then immedately nuke them afterwards
right before you attack you demand all their gold and everything else as tribute.
and then you attack anyways LOL

Another classic is to lure a high powered enemy into town
Such as in Oblivion or Skyrim, Risen or other action RPG
or cast some type of mass frenzy spell