[GTA SA Mod] City of Chicago


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Figured that I would make a thread for the release of this map. As many people have been waiting for it for years. Still needs quite a bit more work done to it, which will be done periodically, but for now I figured I might as well give people a chance to mess around on the map itself without any restrictions.

To install, just make a copy of a Clean SA Install and paste these files into the folder. For the HD textures, you will need a slightly beefy computer (most are either 1024x1024 or 2048x2048!

[align=center]BETA 1.5 Download [159 MB]
HD Texture Pack (6?/21/2018) [29MB]

{Updates will be posted here...}​

Special Thanks:
Reflections Entertainment - For making Driver 2
Vincedark - For reviving my Interest in Driver 2's maps
Xtreemo - For the Driver 2 Loading Screens
James_UK - For fixing the missing models from Chicago's Map
Skylabh - For helping me export the maps with the level extractor
Krishty - For Developing the Driver 2 Level extractor